Where You Can Listen to Our Music

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Where You Can Listen to Our Music

Greetings!  Here’s the story behind why you won’t find us on Amazon or any of the other major streaming platforms.  AND, more importantly where you can find us and listen to our music.

When we released our album, Stand Up for Life, we thought we’d done what was necessary for it to not be available on Amazon.  Unfortunately, that was not to be and, despite our best intentions, when the album was released, it was on Amazon; a platform with which we really don’t want our music associated.

We’ve since clicked all the right buttons, but still no joy so, the only way we’ve found to extricate ourselves from the Bezos web is to temporarily remove our music from all the main streaming platforms and start over again!  But no worries!  You can still find us, stream for free &/or buy our music on (the very musician-friendly) Bandcamp or on any of the music links on this website. As and when things change, we’ll keep you posted.  

Ciao for now  

One Love



  1. Easton

    Good move brother! Keeping it eco friendly

  2. KONGO

    Greetings Manu,

    Irie ites for your bloc. You chose the very good bath… anyway, no wonders cause the your music speaks for it. We na follow Babylonian way. Big up Brother, keep it that way, it is a Echo Reggae, not a pollutated Reggae… Seen. Hotep!!!


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