Emergency on Planet Earth SquiffEye Dub Sessions

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It was a good day for me and for EcoReggae when a dear friend recently introduced me to Andy Squiff Eye.

In the few months since beginning our serendipitous journey, working together has been a joy, a whole new EcoReggae experience!

It was all quite straightforward what our first project would be.  Andy has his own eco story and his concerns for the Earth and I have mine.  I had the Greta batik that I’d created a few years previously, he had the photos and the graphics.   We had the Emergency On Planet Earth backing tracks, he had the dub production skills and the prepared voice of Greta Thunberg that he’d previously used in his own productions, ready to fit like glove into a song that was written before Greta was even born.

It is with great pleasure for me and my brothers to introduce our new friend and musical ally Squiff Eye.

Together, as brothers in EcoReggae, we offer our sincere thanks and continuing respect to Greta Thunberg and to all the children and young people all over the world standing up for the rights of Mother Earth and the children of the future generations.


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