It gives me great pleasure to introduce the amazing voices of two of my dear friends, Jenny Frost and Sue Watkins, accompanied by some great young Herefordshire musicians along with a few trusted old friends and musical allies from back in the day!

We offer this trio of songs in the spirit of peaceful protest and artistic activism.

Many thanks to the friends who joined me for these recordings. They are like precious gems!

We invite you to listen to these Songs and if you enjoy them, if they speak to you, please share them with anyone you think may appreciate them.

Written and Produced by Manu Song 2022

A Candle For Peace co-produced with Manu Hasan 2022

STOP ALL THE FIGHTING : Sue Watkins : Lead & Backing Vocals / Manu Hasan : Piano / Manu Song : Backing Vocals

LET’S LIGHT A CANDLE :Jenny Frost : Lead & Backing Vocals / Manu Hasan : Piano, Percussion, Cello arrangements / Sue Watkins : Backing Vocals / Sonia Hammond : Cello / Manu Song : Percussion 

LOVE SHALL BRING PEACE : Jenny Frost : Lead & Backing Vocals / Harvey Pawson : Piano / Dave Ital : Guitar / Stevie J Callender : Bass / Pedro Brown ; Drums / Manu Song : Percussion 

All tracks Mixed and Mastered by Paul Cobbold. 

May Peace Prevail